At ITX Blue, we provide services to support an array of LAN and WAN solutions. Our comprehensive range of solutions are designed to support your business with a high level of technical support and expertise to ensure your business is set for future success. Technology is ever-evolving and we have a team of developers and researchers that are constantly searching for the next best thing to be able to offer it to you. We are able to provide retina scan and hand print identification systems, security camera installation and monitoring, and much more.

Our service offerings include planning, design, implementation, and analysis. This allows you to operate your LAN and/or WAN system in the most effective manner possible.

We are also pleased to announce that we offer application development, remote support, as well as cloud solutions.

Cloud services

Cloud: Cloud solutions are abundant with ITX Blue. Our goal is to provide you with full control through the cloud. Real-time threat protection is offered through our comprehensive antivirus program so that system resources are not affected. The web-based dashboard allows you to custom configure the program through all of your devices, servers, and workstations. No sensitive data will be left open on the network, providing you with a substantial amount of protection over your data and systems.

Education: We can solve your educational technology requirements with cutting edge solutions that allow your school or organization to support teachers and students alike. We can support the needs of everyone with technological advancements, data management, interpretation, and more. If your student data is at risk or internet connections are unreliable, allow us to help. Solutions we have created in the past have included:

Access and equity

Connected educators

Data interoperability

Evidence framework

Innovation clusters

Learning registry


Exchange servers/Migration

Installation Services


Network Services


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We offer support for exchange server, from configuring, migration and recovery from complete disaster. We support exchange server 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. In addition, we also assist clients with setting up mail in the cloud with office365.

To ensure your systems and network are always up and running, we offer many maintenance and support services. Our services include LAN/WAN services, remote support, hardware and software support and more. This allows you to maximize your investment in technology and avoid downtime whenever possible.

Our security professionals can manage and monitor your network with firewall appliance setup, Cisco and Fortigate VPN and configuration, and much more to ensure your network is locked tight from any intruders inside or out.

The needs of our customers come first and our installation services involve planning. This ensures the highest level of success. Our methodology has allowed many projects to reach their full potential. We work closely with our customers to establish an implementation plan and full scope of work.

Our telecommunication and internet solutions are designed to promote the best network within your business. We offer support, site evaluation and design, router/switch installation and administration, and much more.

With the latest technology from Vmware and Hyper-v , Non-profit organizations can benefit from our IT solutions that will allow IT consulting expenses to be minimized. We understand that expenses must be managed without taking away from overall performance. Allow us to create a custom solution at a discounted rate for your organization today.

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